BPO Intelligence

The Australian Business Awards is delighted to recognise BPO Intelligence’s as recipients of The Australian Business Award for Product Value in its industry classification for 2013.

BPO Intelligence is a business processing outsourcing company specialising in serving the needs of education providers around the world seeking to market to the international student market.  Established in 2005, BPO Intelligence has fast grown to be a very significant feature in the landscape of the international education sector.  BPO Printing/BPO Logistics has been BPO Intelligence’s leading product since inception.

In providing printing, warehousing and distribution services, BPO contributes to a reduction of client costs by an estimated 25 per cent to 60 per cent per year.  Its major product, BPO Printing/BPO Logistics, combines offshore printing, storage and distribution of marketing materials. These are controlled by a customised online system that allows clients complete access and control over production, distribution and storage, stock control, order tracking, auditing, third party order processing and 24/7 reporting.

The Australian Business Awards congratulate BPO Intelligence’s for its success in the category of Product Value in 2013.

For more information on BPO Intelligence go to bpointelligence.com.

  The Australian Business Award for Product Value recognises products that deliver outstanding value offering a point of difference from their competitors.  


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