The Australian Business Awards are delighted to recognise Pottinger as recipients of The Australian Business Award for Recommended Employer in its industry classification for 2012.

Pottinger is a leading independent financial and strategic advisory firm which places an immense emphasis on its human resource and employment practices. This approach and attitude is very much engrained in the fibre of the organisation – the desire for a distinct employment proposition and brand was one of the reasons the company was formed. This results in a continual drive to analyse and assess all of the component parts of the company’s approach to its employees – spanning recruitment, development, performance and reward systems, as well as the development of culture – with a view to continually refining and improving.

Pottinger views culture as the essential glue that ties all of its human resource practices and strategy together. The company places extremely high importance on developing, refining and enhancing its culture. Over the past year, Pottinger has put into place seven “Pottinger Principles”. These principles complement the company’s vision and values, and seek to provide tangible expressions of what is important to the company, its culture and what it stands for. The open floor plan, with all staff working in a single area, greatly helps maintain an egalitarian environment. A further initiative is a ‘get to know your team’ initiative. As well, a comprehensive health and wellbeing policy provides staff with a range of benefits, including the provision of fruit, financial support for gym and health programs, annual influenza vaccinations, a day of health‐check leave per year, all computers have the My5 program installed, actively monitoring time worked by staff via timesheets, remote access, actively monitoring annual leave balances and a parental leave policy.

The Australian Business Awards congratulate Pottinger for their success in the category of Recommended Employer in 2012.

For more information on Pottinger go to www.pottinger.com.

  The Australian Business Award for Recommended Employer recognises organisations that provide a stimulating and supportive workplace.    


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