The Australian Business Awards are delighted to recognise PAN Software as recipients of The Australian Business Award for Product Innovation for the research and development of RiskWare.

RiskWare is a best-of-breed enterprise risk management system comprising of 10 tightly integrated modules to help organisations better manage risk at an enterprise level. The system was designed and developed from the ground up by PAN Software’s Research & Development team in Melbourne. RiskWare is an Enterprise Risk Intelligence software system which conforms to recognised international and Australian standards to help integrate all areas of risk across the enterprise. The solution provides a true picture of risks faced by the organisation enabling enhanced risk management.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is the holy grail of risk management – the bringing together of siloed risks across the organisation in an intelligent way so that risk data can be analysed at all levels to support business foresight ensuing organisation longevity. RiskWare achieves this objective with its 10 integrated modules each servicing specific business unit requirements whilst at the same time automatically consolidating the data to provide management and the board with a true picture of organisational health. RiskWare enables an organisation to easily identify, access and eliminate/mitigate the risk based on the principles and methodology defined in ISO:31000:2009.  RiskWare has been developed using best practices in enterprise software development. It is a 100 per cent web-based n-tiered application utilising the latest Microsoft.NET framework. Being a true n-tiered application the components are logically separated into: Presentation Tier: HTML web-pages to render the User Interface. It uses the latest technologies such as AJAX to maximize performance and interobility; Business Tier: Web Services containing all the business logic utilising open standards such as SOAP/XML; and Database Tier: Data storage tier.

The Australian Business Awards congratulate PAN Software for their success in the category of Product Innovation in 2012.

For more information on PAN Software and RiskWare go to www.pansoftware.com.au.

  The Australian Business Award for Product Innovation recognises products that introduce a new idea, method, technology, process or application of commercial significance and/or benefit to the marketplace.    


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