The Australian Business Awards are delighted to recognise PAN Software as recipients of The Australian Business Award for Product Design for the research and development of RiskWare.

RiskWare is a best-of-breed enterprise risk management system comprising of 10 tightly integrated modules to help organisations better manage risk at an enterprise level. The system was designed and developed from the ground up by PAN Software’s Research & Development team in Melbourne. RiskWare is an Enterprise Risk Intelligence software system which conforms to recognised international and Australian standards to help integrate all areas of risk across the enterprise. The solution provides a true picture of risks faced by the organisation enabling enhanced risk management.

Typically, organisations use a number of disparate computer and manual systems to manage the various aspects that make up the risk management process. A combination of business units working in isolation, paper based forms, excel spreadsheets and various unrelated databases all contribute to a siloed and isolated approach to risk management. Unless these processes are integrated in such a way as they directly link or “feed” with each other, an organisation will never truly achieve optimum results and as such, will never have a true picture of enterprise risk facing the organisation. Without an integrated and standardised approach to risk management across the enterprise, an organisation will never be able to properly prioritise and manage organisational risk and handle the challenges inherent to all businesses. RiskWare provides the functionality required by particular business units as a module and then consolidates the data to provide what we like to call enterprise risk intelligence.

The Australian Business Awards congratulate PAN Software for their success in the category of Product Design in 2012.

For more information on RiskWare go to www.pansoftware.com.au.

  The Australian Business Award for Product Design recognises products that demonstrate design of the highest quality, form and function offering a point of difference from their competitors.    


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