The Australian Business Awards are delighted to recognise MEP Films as recipients of The Australian Business Award for Environmental Sustainability in its industry classification for 2012.   

There is nothing else like Enerlogic® Window Film on the market. Enerlogic® Window film is an innovative and highly advanced new glass window film for application to buildings and homes. Its patent-pending Low-E coating makes normal glass perform like double-glazing to reduce glare and heat and to save energy costs in summer. Two types have been developed – one for hot climates and one for cool climates but both are an all-season, low-emissivity (Low-E) film that produces energy efficiency throughout every season – in fact, all year round.

Enerlogic® Window Film actually transforms poorly insulating windows into highly energy-efficient windows. It provides 12 times less the radiant heat loss of standard glass and almost 5 times less than the industry standard Low-E window films. Enerlogic® Window Film is the only WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) rated window film with ‘heating stars’ when applied to a generic aluminium framed window with 3mm clear glass.

In addition to these great benefits, applying Enerlogic® Window Film to the current generic glazing system renders it carbon neutral after two months. Enerlogic’s® vastly superior thermal performance as a window insulating film has broad and significant commercial benefits for the architectural and building industries as well as residential homes.

The Australian Business Awards congratulate MEP Films for their success in the category of Environmental Sustainability in 2012.

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  The Australian Business Award for Environmental Sustainability recognises organisations that demonstrate leadership and commitment to the enhancement, preservation and protection of the environment.    


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