Hagstrom Drilling

The Australian Business Awards are delighted to recognise Hagstrom Drilling as recipients of The Australian Business Award for Enterprise in its industry classification for 2012.

Hagstrom Drilling is a privately owned, independent drilling, cone penetration testing and marine contractor. The company’s philosophy, and its attitude towards servicing its clients, is underpinned by the view that the company strives to focus on the continual improvement of all aspects of the business rather than rest on its laurels. Hagstrom Drillings’ view is that the way it does business, its reputation, and its capabilities are all areas that need to be constantly nurtured and developed to ensure the company continues to maintain the growth strategy and continue to maintain and strengthen its position as a leader in the Australian drilling industry.

Hagstrom Drilling’s unique service offering is one of providing a quality service safely and ensuring that its reputation for completing challenging projects is maintained.  Adapting to changing times and conditions involves continuing to improve the way it does business to ensure it doesn’t allow competition the opportunity to challenge its industry position. Hagstrom Drilling works by the principle that the primary focus of a corporate strategy is to assist with determining which areas of business that the company should operate in, and then ensuring it focuses its actions and resources on the areas identified. By choosing a concentrated growth strategy where its resources are focused on existing core capabilities, the company believes it will continue to create economic value and growth. The other benefit to this focus is that it has allowed the company to investigate the strategy of related diversification; creating value by purchasing or maintaining businesses in related industries or markets, providing the ability to share knowledge and competencies specific to an industry between its business units and to attempt to minimise the business risks of reliance on other organisations. 

The Australian Business Awards congratulate Hagstrom Drilling for their success in the category of Enterprise in 2012.

For more information on Hagstrom Drilling go to hagstromdrilling.com.au.

  The Australian Business Award for Enterprise recognises organisations that have achieved outstanding success whilst undertaking bold new ventures.    


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