Official Result: 2008 WINNER
  Declaration: Pottinger Associates is recognised as an industry leader in human resource management.
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  ABA Lic No. ABALN.COM/2008/153
  Validity Period: 5-Sep-2008 to 5-Sep-2010
  About the Winner: The Australian Business Awards are delighted to recognise Pottinger Associates as recipients of the Award for Recommended Employer. The achievements of Pottinger in developing effective people management strategies have created a committed and motivated workforce.
Pottinger is a supportive workplace, providing internal training to staff which encourages knowledge sharing and promotes respect, appreciation and personal confidence. Pottinger provides a stimulating workplace where staff can work directly with the Managing Directors, allowing individuals to challenge themselves on a variety of projects and the opportunity to be involved directly with clients at a boardroom level.
The team-building events undertaken by Pottinger are effective because they reflect the interests and passions of their staff. Pottinger encourage a healthy work-life balance. The dedication of Pottinger’s Managing Directors has created a team of committed staff who appreciate the respect in which they are held and the open communication of the workplace.
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