Organisation Name: BPO INTELLIGENCE
  Award Category: BEST VALUE
  Official Result: 2008 WINNER
  Declaration: BPO Intelligence is recognised as an industry leader for the creation and development of products and services of exceptional value for money.
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  ABA Lic No. ABALN.COM/2008/111
  Validity Period: 5-Sep-2008 to 5-Sep-2010
  About the Winner: The Australian Business Awards are delighted to recognise BPO Intelligence as recipients of the Best Value and Product Excellence Awards. The achievement of BPO Intelligence in establishing a business processing outsourcing operation has allowed them to deliver world-class service to a range of clients world-wide.
BPO Intelligence’s ‘one-stop-shop’ model and in-house technology delivers cost-effective solutions for their clients. The ‘brochure manager’ product combines offshore printing, storage and distribution, and is controlled by a customised on-line system; providing a cost-reduction of 25 – 60% per annum. BPO Intelligence have differentiated themselves in the marketplace by employing technology, print quality, reporting systems and a pricing structure which is far superior to their competitors.
  References: ABA Media Centre
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