Australian Business Award for Recommended Employer - 2007 Winner - Pottinger Associates
  Official Result: 2007 WINNER
  Declaration: Pottinger Associates is recognised as an industry leader in human resource management. The seal on this page authenticates the recipient's eligibility to display the Australian Business Awards logo.
  Industry: Services to Finance and Investment
  Web Site:
  ABA Lic No. 2007/RE151
  Validity Period: 7-Sep-2007 to 7-Sep-2009
  About the Winner: The Australian Business Awards are delighted to recognise Pottinger Associates as recipients of the Award for Recommended Employer. The achievement of Pottinger Associates in creating a successful, stimulating business is based on their commitment to caring for and supporting their employees.
Pottinger Associates recognises the importance of a supportive and encouraging work environment for employees in establishing a strong and successful business.
Through commitment to long term career development with an emphasis on maintaining work/life balance Pottinger Associates encourages employee loyalty. Team work is highly valued in sustaining a good work environment. Team work is encouraged through communication between employees at all levels and organised events which encourage team work while valuing the individual interests of its employees.
It is this commitment to developing a successful team oriented workplace which also values the individual needs of employees which has made Pottinger Associates a highly regarded and respected employer among its employees.
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