The 2016 Awards

The Australian Business Awards 2016 are due to commence on 18 Novemver 2016.

Please register your interest for the ABA100 Awards, Service Excellence Awards, Employer of Choice Awards & Charity Awards via awardbase [2016 Edition].

The 2015 Awards

The ABA100 Winners are recognised through a variety of different award categories that demonstrate business and product innovation.

Each year, corporate, government and non-government organisations are acknowledged for implementing well-managed industry leading initiatives and for the research and development of high-performing products and services.

Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director: “For a decade, The Australian Business Awards have conducted knowledge building programs which focus on organisations that prioritise innovation and technology as they continue to drive local and international markets. The ABA100 Winners have demonstrated innovative, enterprising and technologically advanced business initiatives and products that support an obvious transformation coinciding with the ever-changing, highly competitive business environment. High-performing, intelligent organisations that continuously and effectively improve their processes and products are set to survive the long term challenges faced by all Australian businesses.”

The Employer of Choice Award is bestowed upon organisations that maximise the full potential of their workforce through practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

The key attributes of The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice (EOC) define the characteristics of well-managed, high-performing industry leading organisations that provide a stimulating and supportive workplace.

Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director: “For a decade, The Australian Business Awards have conducted knowledge building programs which focus on organisations that foster a supportive workplace culture through great leadership and clear strategies enabling their employees to achieve high performance. Organisations that closely tie their culture and leadership in with their workforce can truly maximise employee engagement which is essential to a successful enterprise.”


The Australian Charity Awards were introduced in recognition of the dedication and achievements of non-profit organisations, charitable funds and charitable institutions. As a partner program of The Australian Business Awards, the Awards highlight charitable organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that have significantly benefited charitable causes.

Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director: “The initiatives of charitable organisations are dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals, inciting social change and creating a positive impact on the broader community. We are proud to publicly honour these organisations for their achievements.”


This year's ABA100, Australian Charity Awards & Employer of Choice Awards were announced on 14 August 2015.

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How to Participate

Full details of the program are available in our extensive Knowledge Base or browse through the Award Categories.